Zachary Zachary Zachary II  was a character in one video. He is a master zombie survivalist and has an apprentice, Jackson Jackens. He also has a hired assistant, Hulio Hernandez, who died as a body double in a zombie apocalypse. 


Zachary Zachary Zachary II was a zombie survivalist. He at some point hired Hulio Hernandez to be a body double and assistant. At a mall during a zombie apocalypse, Zachary took an apprentice, Jackson Jackens, and went off into the zombie attack.

At some point in the apocalypse, Hernandez took Zachary's place until he was killed by zombies. After that, Zachary returned in his position. 


  • Zachary Zachary Zachary II was mentioned by Gregory.Gregory, however he stated that he was dead and that they didn't pick up his skeleton however in the zombie apocalypse video Zachary is alive and well this may mean that the zombie apocalypse already Passed and Zachary died after that.
  • In the Waffle Gun episode a man claiming to be Sally's father said his name was Zachary when he threatened to destroy a diamond planet with a chair, but was killed eventually by Sally. It seems that Zachary either is her real father or just lied to Sally. It is possible that these two Zachary's are related.