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The Yellow Flower (Dandelion) is Venturian's companion for a short time in A Minecraft Tale. It returned in Another Minecraft Tale. It supposedly guided him through Minecraft.

Relationships and Appearances[]

The yellow flowers (Dandelion) are a race of flowers from Minecraft, and a originated from A Minecraft Tale, as he was Venturian's "Master" and guided him to many situations and even once urged him to kill ImmortalKyodai.

In a mini minecraft tale, Jordan kept a particularly sassy yellow flower in his basement, along with bob and bobleik, who often criticises jordans cheating.

The Yellow flowers are at war with red roses (now Poppies due to update), as seen in the Gmod Minecraft Skin Changers Mod. As a result of this, Jordan has an allergic reaction to the sight of red flowers.

The yellow flowers are also believed to have some sort of allience with Kylo Ren and The First Order, who once requested Jordan to create an army of yellow flowers near the home of the wise mushroom sage

In Minecraft , as of 1.7.3, they are called Dandelions, while the red roses are called Poppies.


  • The yellow flower told Venturian to kill ImmortalKyodai, and in which he did.
  • The yellow flower's only appearance in Garry's Mod was in the Minecraft Skin Changer Mod! video.
  • Sometimes, when he is near the Yellow Flower, he starts acting like Gollum and calling it his "Precious."
  • In Another Minecraft Tale, the yellow flowers kinged Venturian.
  • Their Queen looks like them, but has a white crown.
  • Their Queen is dubbed the Yellow Flower Queen.
  • Nirnroots grow into them.