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Vital statistics
Position Billy's Sister
Age ?
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Family Unknown

Yackface appears in LAVENDER TOWN! -- Gmod FAN CHALLENGES Episode 15! and is portrayed by Cierra Frye. She is extremely unattractive, practically deformed, which is likely what inspired her name/nickname. She is the sister of Billy.


Yakface is usually very quiet, never saying much. Since in the episode that she showed up in, she always had a camera on or near her, it is possible that she is camera shy. She doesn't seem to lash out at people when they insult her face.



According to the worst camera man in the world, She is Billy's unknown sister that no one's ever seen before. It is unknown whether or not He is Her biological, half or adopted brother.

Gertrude and Papa Acachalla[]

It is possible that she is the adopted-daughter of Papa and Gertrude (or maybe their biological-daughter).


LAVENDER TOWN! -- Gmod FAN CHALLENGES Episode 15! (Garry's Mod)

Yakface appears around 16:50 in the video.


It is possible that Sally is the adopted or half-sister of Yackface.

John Smigglebug[]

John is Billy and Yakface's father.


  • Since in some episodes say that Papa and Gertrude are siblings and some say they are married, it has been theorized that they are both siblings and married and Yackface is their deformed biological daughter. If so, they probably hid her away because of her ugliness, probably with Jeremy Acachalla, which would be why no one has seen her before. As well, if this is the case, Sally would be her half-sister, since Papa is Sally's father and Sally Betty Jessica is her mother (at least, this is accepted as truth at this point).
  • Yackface may be the biological sister of Billy and did not get abandoned at Papa's 711 by their parents like Billy did and, so, was not adopted by Papa and is not his and Gertrude's step-daughter and not Sally's step-sister. If true, she technically would be Yackface Smigglebug.
  • In the VenturianTale 5th Anniversary livestream Yakface appeared again but was said to be the same person as Sally, it's unclear if this means her and and Sally are the same person or if Jordan just forgot that Yakface was a separate character and just decided to use Sally.