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Gender Male
Played by NPC
Status Alive
Position/Rank Adventurer
Nationality Nord
Age 25
Group Merchant Company
Weapon Silver longsword
Debut THE FIRST DUNGEON! - An Oblivion Tale Ep. 2

Winden was an adventurer with magic powers who was associated with Mimi when the two met the pirate Asylum Weaver, in the Merchants Inn in Cyrodiil.


Winden worked on his own as an adventurer alongside Mimi. At one point in his life, the two met Asylum Weaver at the Merchants Inn in the land of Tamriel. After conversing with the two for a moment, Asylum went on and rented a room to stay the night at the inn in from Velus Hosidius.

The next day, after sleeping, Asylum came downstairs, only to find Winden repeatedly using magic powers in the exact same spot without moving, only jerking back and forth. In a state of surprise and puzzlement, Asylum slowly crept out of the inn after speaking to Mimi.