Whoa is a young humanoid ghost who used to be haunting the house of a man by the name Charlie who called P.I.E in order to solve his ghost problem. Whoa didn't mean any harm and simply stayed at Charlie's house because she loves his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, she was then adopted by Chris 'Colon' Ghostie and Fred "Spooker" Soup, after the adoption she told them that Charlie used to call her Whoa (Which was really just a sound he made because he was scared) but it was then decided by Spooker that that's now her name.

Johnny Toast was not present during this time as he was having a faimly reunion party.

She showed up in the 5th Anniversary Livestream.


Fanart of Whoa drawn by SisterOfMine on DA, design by Pangerfly.

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