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The definitive VenturianTale series canon has never been officially defined, and probably never will. VenturianTale also does not get involved in timeline issues. A complete official timeline of the VenturianTale series has never been made and probably never will, since it could probably make the writers contradict themselves and limit their creativity for possible subsequent episodes. Several retcons have been made and others will likely be made in future episodes, meaning that any previously established lore can have its facts changed in a future release.

An important point to remember about contradicting canon sources is that a canonical source is not automatically deemed non-canon because it contradicts another canonical source.

Defining canon[]

Given this lack of reference and stance from VenturianTale, the official source, and in the absence of any direct interventions from the Loremasters, the wiki had to define the canon itself to avoid confusion and provide content as consistent as possible to what is set in the final, "real" VenturianTale storyline, and what is not. These choices have been made as logically as possible and mirror the general consensus often viewed among fans.

The only requirement for a source to be canon is that it must be official, meaning it has to come directly from a valid source, either directly released by or having been endorsed as such by either VenturianTale, a Loremaster, or the creator of a specific character (for example, BenPlus created a backstory for Mrs. Whiteley that is considered canon, despite these events having never being depicted in Qeios). Alternatively a work can be declared canon or non-canon by the Loremasters, who are officially designated by the Fryes to decide what should and shouldn't be considered canon.

Certified canon[]

  • Videos released on either the VenturianTale or Gorbit channels (e.g. BATMAN'S TRACTOR! | Gmod Tractor Mod (Garry's Mod) was directly released by VT and is thus considered canon)
  • Works created by any members of the Frye family or by the Loremasters (e.g. Recollections, a short interactive fiction story written by Isaac Frye as a tie-in to RiverBrook, is considered to take place in the same universe)
  • Works declared canon by either the Frye family or the Loremasters (e.g. BenPlus' Billy comic miniseries was declared canon)
  • Official statements of authorial intent by the Frye family (e.g. Isaac Frye explicitly stating his views on Sue's gender identity)

What is not canon[]

  • Works not specifically deemed canon by either the Fryes or the Loremasters (this goes for the majority of fan content - though Johnny Toast's middle name was originally stated in a fan work and later adopted by the canon, this does not automatically declare the work canon)
  • Works specifically intended to be set outside the primary VT multiverse (e.g. non-roleplay videos such as vlogs or let's plays)

Shared content from other sources[]

Given that VenturianTale's content is almost exclusively video game-based (disregarding their occasional update blogs or Q&A videos), it is almost inevitable that parts of the lore will mirror that of the lore in which the game is based in.

That said, the lore of the game is not necessarily fully canon to the lore of VenturianTale because of this fact. For example, the universe that the Nirn of A Skyrim Tale, An Oblivion Tale and An Elder Scrolls Online Tale series is set in cannot be considered identical to that of the official Elder Scrolls lore, not least because the way the Elder Scrolls universe was created precludes the possibility of other worlds existing, something that is explicitly shown in A Skyrim Tale.

Therefore, the wiki's view on content that is shared from other media sources (e.g. films, TV series, video games etc. that are not affiliated with VenturianTale, for example the Marvel Cinematic Universe) is not considered canon unless directly shown or referenced within an official source. Just because several characters from Doctor Who have been featured in VenturianTale, doesn't mean we need to know the entire chronological history of the Dalek-Movellan War. If it's directly shown or referenced, it gets a page. References to things that fall outside the scope of the wiki but may be considered partially relevant should be linked to using FANDOM's Interwiki linking tool. Otherwise, we would thank our contributors to leave it off the wiki, no matter how passionately you may feel about the subject.

Time and location[]

In general, the time and location of episodes are rarely ever explicitly stated, which can lead to confusion about the chronological order of events. For simplicity's sake, the wiki generally considers the release date of the episode as a valid date in these circumstances, as there have been episodes confirmed to take place contemporaneously (for example, The Flash Action Figure mentions the year being 2014 in his first appearance, the year the video was recorded), unless there is direct evidence within the episode to the contrary (the 7th Anniversary Livestream features a segment in which Papa Acachalla faces the ghosts of Maxwell and Jeremy Acachalla for the first time, heavily implying it to be set before all previous appearances of the characters). If any dates are referenced in the canon or if anything, either shown or referenced, is mentioned as being set in a particular time or place within an episode, that takes precedence.

In unclear circumstances[]

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