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Venturian's Characters[]

  • Johnny Ghost; A spunky ghost hunter that's part of PIE.
  • Papa Acachalla; A chubby, yet lovable, Acachalla family father.
  • Officer Maloney; A Murder (Gamemode) character. "The best sharpshooter in the west" and a sheriff.
  • Jimmy Casket; A familiar serial killer in the Murder (Gamemode) Series.
  • Asylum Kyte Weaver; The protagonist of the Oblivion Tale series.
  • Vahl Aradur; The protagonist of the Skyrim Tale series.
  • Cywren Caster; The protagonist of his Fallout 3/ Fallout New Vegas Tale.
  • Stardust Sprinkleshine; A plucky unicorn that arises from The Floating Gun of the Aztecs on occasion.
  • Spencer; A nerdy kid that is one of the adopted son's in the acachalla family house load and locked in the basement of the acachalles by the acachalles.
  • Jenny Ghost; Another version of Johnny Ghost that was created with Jenny Toast.
  • Lights Zeron; 'best' FNAF guard ever. With the "I Need My Knife Back" song as his theme song which he constantly sings.
  • Ben Swolo; the shirtless Ben Swolo, who is from the line of the knights of swol. His father (Han Swolo) was killed by Ben.
  • Darth Calculus; An evil person from the star wars videos
  • Cywren Caster; the smartest Waste-lander and main character in A Fallout Tale.
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ImmortalKyodai's Characters[]

  • Johnny Toast; A British ghost hunter working in the main PIE unit.

BethanyFrye's Characters[]

HomelessGoomba's Characters[]

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