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"Greetings Fellow Adventurers, this is [Name] (with [1-3 other names]) and..."
―The Introduction of most videos

VenturianTale is a YouTube channel in which four siblings play tons of video games. They joined at January 16, 2013. They have 3,200+ videos and posts 1-2 videos per day. They have grown to be very popular, mostly with the Skyrim and Garry's Mod LPS. The names they use on YouTube are Venturian, BethanyFrye (also known as Flying Pings), HomelessGoomba, and ImmortalKy​odai. However, these are not their real names. Venturian's real name is Jordan Frye, Bethany's is Bethany Frye, Homeless's is Isaac Frye, and Immortal's is Cierra Frye. They play a wide variety of games, including but not limited to Fallout 3, Minecraft, Gmod, and Skyrim. The siblings currently have over 2.82 million subscribers. They were also a finalist in the 2015 Bloxy Awards for best Roblox-related YouTube channel. 

Official description


My name is Venturian. I seek out adventures wherever they may be found, from Minecraft to Mario I am always looking to make the most out of every experience, and hopefully, in the end, it'll be a tale worth telling.

My siblings, HomelessGoomba, ImmortalKyodai, and Bethany Frye accompany me on my quest through the world of gaming.

Join the adventure, and see how deep this tale goes.





  • "We need to rethink our lives."
  • "As they say in Spain...."
  • "Like a Boss!"
  • "Cuz' I'm a bird..."
  • "Go Swag....Go Swag!"
  • "Kids, don't drive recklessly. You could kill a robot..."
  • "Like a BOSS!"
  • "We're not here for music boxes, Robin."
  • "Krypton!"
  • "Take a PITCHER of you!"
  • "Take a seat!"
  • "I don't CHAIR about you!"
  • "Ain't got TIME for this!"
  • "No one got time for dat."
  • "NUKA-COLA!"- Fallout
  • "I don't know what that means!"- Skyrim
  • "Mr. Potty is not impressed."


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