Vath Firehall
Vital statistics
Position Criminal
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Family Unknown

Vath Firehall is the final addition to Vahl's group. He had Vahl chase him in order for him to join the group. Vath is a criminal in Solitude. When Vahl enters the city Vath goes into hiding from fear. Vahl confronts the jarl about his case, getting herself thrown in jail. Vath's father goes to see her and tells her of a secret exit out of the city. He is currently a Minor Series Regular on A Skyrim Tale.



Vath Firehall had black, anime style hair, a red bandana on his forehead,has 4 red streaks of war paint on his face(2 streaks on each side), wears a Whiterun guard outfit with 5 pouches on the front and wears a crimson cape. His main weapon is a Steel Warhammer.
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Vath Firehall


He is free from being falsely accused of treason after Vahl helped clear his name by forcing Elisif to sign a document clearing his name.


  • Jordan has stated that he was Frea's significant other.