Light zeron, a notable vampire.

A vampire, is a humanoid paranormal entity found worldwide within folklore, pop culture, and ventruriantale videos. Infamously known for their Immortality and blood consuming tendencies. The exact lore, biology, and behavior of a vampire varies with each series the undead creatures makes an appearance.


Vampires were a relatively frequent enemy faced by Vahl and her companions. Shown as pale skinned magic users who could drain your health as an inmate ability; It wasn't until the DawnGuard quest, however, that vampires became important story wise. Befriending the vampire Serana and making a companion of her, Vahl and friends aligned themselves with the vampire slaying group known as DawnGuard to stop the a Vampire lord from extinguishing the sun.


Due to sharing the same universe with Skyrim, vampires function relatively the same in game and lore as they did in Skyrim. Except they were a significantly less of a large scale threat. During a mission to obtain a dedric artifact, Asylum Weaver Battled and in a sense mercy killed vampires whom were turned into vampires long ago. Ironically as well as tragically, Asylum caught vampirism during said mission and noticed to late to treat it, becoming a vampire himself. As a vampire Asylum found himself in a hard situation. Having his apearence drastically change caused many to avoid speaking with him, the constant risk of sun damage often forced asylum to feed on the innocent, and he even had vampire retaliated nightmares whenever he slept. Asylum did not even use any of the abilities and powers his vampire hood granted him, whether this was due to a refusal to except himself, Inexperience/lack of knowledge, or all of the above is unknown. Asylum did eventually find a cure for himself after a long and perilous quest.


Unlike the elder scrolls Series, vampires are shown far less. But can be found in the characters Fluttershy (Gmod), and Light Zeron. Vampires seem to be immensely durable creatures. Capable of surviving missiles, cars crashing into them and are viturally undetured with a broken spine.