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Not to be confused with: Vahl Aradur.

Vahl Kahli
Vahl Kahli
Game Elder Scrolls Online
Race Wood Elf
Gender Female
Age Unknown, Possibly Over 2000 Years Old
Birthday  ?
Position Band leader

Either Templar or Dragonknight

Status Alive
Weapon(s) Twin Axes
Played by Jordan Frye
MEET THE TEAM! - Elder Scrolls Online Ep

MEET THE TEAM! - Elder Scrolls Online Ep. 1

Vahl Kahli is Jordan Frye's player character in Elder Scrolls Online. She is a Wood Elf of the realm of Tamriel, and is accompanied by Shirohana, Iila and Ixora Quasar.

Appearances Edit

  • MEET THE TEAM! - Elder Scrolls Online Ep. 1
  • TREEHOUSES! - Elder Scrolls Online Ep. 2
  • Wood Elf Speech - Elder Scrolls Online Ep. 3

Trivia Edit

  • She may be the leader of the group.
  • She plays the Flute.
  • She adores Venturian.

Gallery Edit

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