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Hello, and Welcome to my front page. I am a strange, silly, and semi-sophisticated man that you may know from elsewhere, although you probably don't. Whether I'm fixing Grammar or making another already-dead joke about being infected with the power of XD, I'm always up to joke around and give semi helpful advice and fix things occasionally.

Contact Needed?

  • This wiki.
  • [Insert Meme Here]
  • I'm unlikely to respond, but my discord name is TheHashtagRandomCommentor.

Fun Wiki Shenanigans[]

Links To Me Being Weird[] - The Old Main page. - Me in a nutshell, S.R.S.'s introduction, and my treasure hunt. - I did good! - I never actually thought this joke was funny and at this point, I'm just keeping the link for sentimental value. - Random Fun and Crack Fiction, and the best joke I ever made.

URL Tricks I've Found[]

  • All possible thread numbers on this wiki are at around ~60000 (And it has to be a 5 digit #). Go to a thread page, edit the last number, and see all the threads (or posts from threads) there are!. Want a suggestion? Visit Empty's Wall (62233), Unleash Electric's Previously lost rage (62010), and make sure to use #(postnumberonsaidthread) to get the page to head to a specific post on it!


  • #epic
  • Buh Dum Tss
  • touche, sir, touche
  • //reboot_all//


  • Bor (This is a really long story)
  • Steve (This is my go-to nickname example, so obviously this is the nickname I'm called the least)
  • Andrew (my middle name)
  • IDK (At summer camp, I didn't know when I would use kayaks. I said: "IDK". that was funny, apparently)
  • Spooker (cause apparently watching people sleep is creepy)
  • Elmo (have a squeaky voice)
  • Late-y (short speak for "late for dinner")
  • Thomas (after Thomas the Tank Engine- I'm not sure why that one guy keeps calling me this, but whatever)
  • Cheese (I... Don't know why actually, but two close friends both use this nickname for me, so whatever)
  • Cool (because of my other username, Coolcatmanc)
  • Cornelius (I keep calling my friend Kevin McCallister, and he wanted to get back at me)
  • Cat (probably because of my other username, but I like to think it's cause I'm basically an old cat lady)
  • RCI (Random Comments Inc.)
  • Ricochet (don't ask)
  • Random (based on my username and cheery disposition)
  • Randy (a short form of the above nickname...ElectricFire169 is the only person to have called me this, and only once)

Facts About Me By A Robot[]

{SystemRebootSoftware} Hello, I am a program designed to curtail bad habits. Such as the lack of factual information on this page.

Excuse me, you are designed to be part of the joke I make every time my computer acts up.

{SystemRebootSoftware} Regardless, the man Behind RandomCommentsInc is quite a strange one. He was born on September 13, a Thursday, and has considered having a birthday that occasionally falls on Friday the 13th lucky (all his birthday luck makes up for the day's typical negative connotation.).

I also Help maintain the VenturianTale Xtra Youtube Channel, For all our Xtra VenturainTale needs.

{SystemRebootSoftware} Were You even trying with that pun?


{SystemRebootSoftware} He started watching Venturaintale in early 2015, but his general apathy for starting things procrastinated his arrival to the wiki until 2016, when Venturiantale released Spencer's origin story- and a page revolving around his favourite character was formatted incorrectly.

The page has since been deleted- and then later re-instated.

{SystemRebootSoftware} He has several bad writing habits, including but not limited too: Capitalizing random words in a sentence, adding the letter "e" to the ends of words for no reason (more prevalent in handwriting), Doubling the letter before the double-letter rather than the double letter( i.e. ggod instead of good), Skipping words when planning the sentence out ahead of time, being unable to causally spell certain words without spellcheck, and occasionally switching between British and American English spelling of words (which he blames on the large amount of British YouTubers/content he watches).

Well, I say that, but since when have I ever been correct?

{SystemRebootSoftware} Since you became reliable enough to turn into an admin.