H'jar of Shadows

aka Kevin

  • I was born on December 22
  • My occupation is Job hunting
  • I am satisfied

Hi, I'm Kevin, I'm an admin here. You can call me H'jar if you'd like. I was/am/will be an admin here. There's really not much I need to say, I'm

About me

Fan of various things. In fact, a fan of too many things, too many things to list, too many things to remember.

So let's just say that I like

  • learning Japanese
  • Overwatch
  • Bethesda games when they're not boring me to death
  • two or three animes
  • world history
  • pianos, though I have no clue how to play them and don't have a piano myself, I like piano music. But you could also say I like violin music, violin sounds good too. How about guitar? The only instrument I can play, or sort of play at least. Maybe I could just narrow this down as just instruments, instruments are great.
  • extending my sentences to great lengths in order to make myself look intelligent, when really all I'm doing is typing down long lines of banter, with bits of sarcasm and humor thrown into it.

I'm also

  • openly Christian (Baptist)
  • a former fan of VenturianTale, but now giving them another try.
  • some white kid in high school that likes Japanese stuff. Currently trying to avoid all weeaboo accusations.
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