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Uriel Septim
Gender Male
Played by NPC
Status Deceased
Position/Rank Emperor of Tamriel
Nationality Imperial
Age 87
Group Tamriel
Weapon Silver Shortsword
Debut THE ADVENTURE BEGINS! - An Oblivion Tale Ep. 1
"I am your emperor, Uriel Septim. By the grace of the gods, I serve Tamriel as her ruler. "
―Uriel Septim, introducing himself to Asylum Weaver

Uriel Septim was an Emperor of Tamriel. When he realized he was going to die, Septim had his personal bodyguards of the Blades - Captain Renault, Bauras, and Glenroy - escort him to the Imperial City sewers, his final resting place. As they went on they found convict Asylum Weaver, whom Septim recruited to join them, with much reluctance from the guards.


Into the sewers[]

Uriel Septim, when he was eighty-seven years old, realized that his death was coming soon and decided to go to the sewers of the Imperial City, his final resting place. His personal bodyguards, the Blades, escorted him to the sewers. Septim and his guards, at the entrance to their passage, found prisoner Asylum Weaver, and, reluctantly, the guards followed Septim's orders and allowed Asylum to come with them.

After entering the sewers, the Emperor and his escort were caught off-guard when assassins attacked and killed the Blades' captain, Renault. Fellow guard Glenroy took command and led Septim, Asylum, and the final guard, Bauras, deeper into the sewers, where they encountered various foes, such as other assassins, rats, and zombies.

However, as they continued, Bauras and Glenroy heard noises up ahead and went to investigate, leaving Septim in Asylum's care. Septim gave Asylum the Amulet of Kings and told him to take it to Jauffre, who knew of his secret son, Martin. Just as he did so, the Emperor was stabbed in the back by an assassin as Glenroy was killed in another room. Fulfilling Septim's final command, Bauras told Asylum where Jauffre resided so he could find the final heir to the throne.