The Tree Pigs are a species of pigs that usually live in trees. They were hostile to Jordan and Cierra, but eventually only Jordan. The King Pig was the leader of the Tree Pigs. They are native to the land Pigaria.

A typical Tree Pig.

History Edit

The Tree Pigs were native to their Capital, Pigaria, until the residents of Birchwood, siblings Jordan and Cierra, slaughtered the populace living there. They fled the location and began to seek out revenge. Jordan hates the Tree Pigs because they killed his family. Lake Chickens often attack the Tree Pigs and have been seen in war. also they like to eat Jordan's carrots and Jordan hates when they eat his carrots

The battle of Mordor and blinking pigs Edit

After Mordor was newly made by Issac Frye (HomelessGoomba) they started attacking a near by lake chicken lake, in order to kill Herbert Dinky in his youth. After a severe battle with the Lake Chickens causing many losses, it seemed like the pigs had won but, Venturian gave issac permission to blow the place up with TNT. Even though many chickens still died more pigs had fallen. The surviving pigs had turned into blinking pigs and were then killed by Issac before they took over.

Appearances Edit