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Gender Male
Played by Bethany Frye
Status Alive
Position/Rank Impersonator
Nationality American
Age 30's-40's (presumed)
Group ?
Weapon ?
Debut VenturianTale Presidential Election 2016 (Garry's Mod)

Tootsie was The Acachalla Family's next door neighbor who often impersonates other people, especially Gertrude. He has used these disguises to run for President, stay at the Acachalla vacation home, and to sneak into Billy Acachalla's pool party without being invited. Somehow he is able to come Back from the Dead disguised as someone else. According to Gertrude, he likes to ramble on about alien conspiracy theories.

Maddie Friend once made a clone of Tootsie but ended up killing it. Why she cloned him in the first place is unknown.

Most Of Tootsie's disguises are quite simple, and only involve him wearing the same shirt as the person he impersonates. Despite this, Tootsie has managed to fool many characters in his schemes.