Tommy Norris was Venturian's mentor in A Minecraft Tale. He created many things and is the father of Chuck Norris.

Relationships Edit

ImmortalKyodai Edit

She doesn't believe that Tommy is as amazing as Venturian says he is.

HomelessGoomba Edit

He is also as wary at believing it as well.

Venturian Edit

Tommy mentored him throughout Minecraft and Venturian adores the man whenever possible.

Chuck Norris Edit

Chuck Norris is his son.

Inventions and other Works Edit


  • At the age of 3, built a treehouse so amazing that the military contracted him to build more.
  • Fought a flying dragon-like creature to protect a village.
  • Made a bridge out of cardboard in the Nether.
  • Invented the Tommy Van, as seen in the Nascar Racing Gmod video.
  • Invented almost everything.
  • Was apparently the First Zombie as revealed in a Black Ops 2 video.
  • Invented Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Invented Batman.
  • IS Batman.
  • Earned medals for everything.
  • Is the founder of the Cosmic High School.
  • Invented last names.
  • Won multiple medals
  • Saves cows from drowning
  • Invented the amazing climbing technique