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The Tricentennial Acachalla Boat Race is a boat race held every 300 years by the Acachalla family. The last one took place in the year 1714, the winner of that one is unknown. The current one is in 2014, which Gertrude won. The next race will be in the year 2314.


This is a list of all the past boat races, from 0 A.D.

214. Winner=Unknown Acachalla

514. Winner=Unknown Acachalla

814. Winner=Unknown Acachalla

1114. Winner=Unknown Acachalla

1414. Winner=Unknown Acachalla

1714. Winner=Unknown Acachalla

2014. Winner=Gertrude Acachalla

It can be assumed that Papa Acachalla has won multiples of these, as he demonstrated in the video. The one that took place in 2014, however, was cut short due to Timelords ending it prematurely by destroying the universe it resided in, as well as Government intervention.

Known Participants[]

The 2014 Acachalla Yacht Race had the following known competitors:

Papa Acachalla

Gertrude Acachalla

Billy Acachalla

Sally Acachalla (Wearing Papa Acachalla's old clothing)

(Several celebrities were supposedly invited to the race, but never showed up).


Papa Acachalla states the island fort that housed the 2014 race was built during WW1. This, however, means that they couldn't have used it in the previous race, as it was built 200 years too late. It is more likely that they switch locations every race or few races.


  • The fact the Gertrude won the 2014 Tricentennial Acachalla Boat Race is somewhat ironic, as she is not an Acachalla by blood and is married into the family.