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The Normalchallas are a version of the Acachallas from a parallel universe where they are "a normal, everyday, wonderful little family, and not... Insane and crazy and messed up in every possible way." The Normalchalla Family is all spoke with a normal voice with a slightly upper-class accent.


Papa Normalchalla[]

The Papa Acachalla in this universe is known as Papa Normalchalla and enjoys a normal life in a 50's style house on a 50's farm which specializes in birds, he isn't Isane or Messed up and He cleans up for Gertrude unlike His counterpart in the regular insane universe "Papa Acachalla" but Papa Normalchalla is inraged when a spree of weird and random events happen. He desperately tries to keep His world normal until He eventually snaps and destroys His universe.

Gertrude Normalchalla[]

Gertrude in this universe is a good cook, baker and loves Papa Normalchalla alot unlike Her couterpart in the regular insane universe "Gertrude Acachalla" who is a bad cook and baker and only loves "Papa Acachalla" when He is not being a idiot and "Gertrude Acachalla" also kills and gets "Papa Acachalla" killed sometimes unlike Gertrude Normalchalla who doesn't.

Sally Normalchalla[]

Sally in this universe likes pancakes but doesn't turn into a demon if she dosen't get them and actually goes to school, She also has a pet puppy called Freddie unlike Her couterpart in the regular insane universe "Sally Acachalla" who doesn't go to school and likes waffles but does turn into a demon if She dosen't get them and has a dinosuar called Freddie as a pet.

Billy Normalchalla[]

Billy in this universe is a Quarterback in the high school's football league who everyone loves and He is dating Maddie unlike His couterpart in the regular insane universe "Billy Acachalla" who is a Medic, He is scared of Maddie, He is also not dating Maddie and not alot of people love him.


Spencer neither appears, nor is mentioned in this episode probably because He doesn't exists in this universe or He may have never met The Normalchallas unlike He's counterpart "The Mighty Spence" who exists and has met and also lives with The "Acachallas".

Maddie []

Maddie appears to say hello to Papa Normalchalla and seems to like Papa Normalchalla, She then goes to get cookies off Her sister Gertrude Normalchalla in the kitchen and is mentioned to be Billy's "totally-not-clingy-or-anything" girlfriend and She also asks Billy to sign her cookie unlike Her couterpart in the regular insane universe "Maddie Friend" who hates Gertrude's cooking and baking, is clingy, is a Medic, hates "Papa Acachalla", is not Billy's girlfriend and always tries to make Billy sign her shirt.


Freddie did not appear but was mentioned by Sally Normalchalla as a normal puppy rather than a dinosaur in this universe.