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The Kingdom of Morbearior is a 2010 short film written and directed by Bethany Frye and starring her and her siblings Cierra and Isaac. The story contains many of the themes and hallmarks of Frye's later series, Qeios.


The Kingdom of Morbearior is set in a land "Past mountains and waterfalls" and is ruled over by the King Aslan. The Kingdom is overshadowed by a volcano which, although "has not erupted in 20 years", is said to be about to erupt again and destroy everything in it's path.

The film starts with young warrior Lee informing the King that the elves are attacking. The King orders the troops to be readied and prepares to evacuate. He tries to convince Lee to come with him, but Lee refuses, saying that he must hold them back. He fights well against the elves but then their leader Noshima arrives riding a dragon. Lee manages to jump and climb onto the dragons back as it is passing low and is attacked by Noshima, who attacks him by firing strange transparent balls from a staff. Lee demands to know why the elves are attacking; Noshima claims that Aslan poisoned their King. Lee finds it hard to accept that his father would do something like that, but despite their differences they agree to arrange a ceasefire and introduce themselves to each other before Lee goes back to the Cheif to get him to call off the troops.

After the fighting is called off, Lee comes across a young elf names Sapphire who was attacked by something in a dungeon which gave her a facial scar. Lee asks Noshima to look after Sapphire whilst he goes to investigate. He discovers what appears to be a human bone before he is attacked by a creature.


Similarities to Qeios[]

Both are heavily influenced by anime and feature dragons (the former more prominently; in Qeios the dragons are only briefly mentioned). Both also feature cities where the hierarchy are not what they seem. Finally, as with all Bethany Frye works, the story is left without resolution on a cliffhanger.

Remix Edition[]

On January 22nd 2011, Mattheyyrox released a "remix" edition of the film, titled The Kingdom of Morbearior ~REMIX~. This version of the film had an alternate soundtrack and updated special effects, notably adding a rotoscoped lightsaber effect to the swords. There is an inconsistency with the effects however; Lee's lightsaber is shown as being blue in most shots, however in one shot it is green.


  • Jordan Frye can be seen in certain indoor shots working on the laptop.
  • The story is presumably incomplete, as the last section states that Bethany quit writing the story.

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