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"Yes, it was me all along!"
―Bob Derp[src]

The Derpian was the science officer and second in command to Captain Mari Tann of the Federation Starship USS Voyager. Secretly however, he was a Romulan agent planning to take control of the ship. To this effect, he sent a Gingerian to a planet in the Derpian star system and instructed him to send a false distress signal to lure Voyager in, hoping to trick the Captain into investigating, and sabotaged the transporter systems to force her to use shuttlecraft. He succeeded in taking her prisoner and leading her back to the Romulan outpost; however, he was killed when he fell into a lava flow; his last message to the Romulan starship Colna'Challa, which was apparently sent after he died, was to destroy Voyager.

Other Names[]

The Derpian, Derpian, Derp, Bob, and Bob Derp. His name is actually Bob Derp, but people call him The Derpian because of his race. He was basically named after his race.


  • He was a Science Officer, and was part of the Derpian Science Academy.
  • Several hints were dropped as to his true agenda during the video, including his constantly going on about Romulans, his opinion that Vulcans are boring, his wanting to kill someone unimportant, the fact that he didn't want the Captain to explore the cave, etc.
  • He, like the rest of his race, is a terrible cook.


  • "Captain's Log, Stardate 2425.1. Voyager has pulled into this new constellation.We do not know what we will find, or who we will have to kill. We do a lot of killing sometimes, but hopefully not anybody important."
  • "You're the captain?"
  • "A distress call? Where? Onscreen!" [somebody shoots the viewscreen with a phaser] "Would you stop shooting the screen, please?"
  • "It's not a constellation, it's a... Star system, what's the difference!"
  • "This planet looks worse than the last one!"
  • "I wanted monsters, darn it!"
  • "This is Derpian to Voyager. We've landed on the planet... with the Distress signal and we are looking for it and... the Captain... what was your name again? ...Captain Marie Taan wishes Captain Picard to make her her tea, and to tell him that we have scanned the planet for the beings that we scanned that we looked at when we were on the planet. Derp out."
  • "It's snowing, it's snowing, it's my birthday!"
  • "Picard'll kill you, he wants his ship back."
  • "Argh!" (Last words)
  • "Romulans! This is our last chance! Attack Voyager while their shields are down!" (Postumous?)