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Not to be confused with: Crowbar (Weapon).

The Crowbar (also known as Crowbarz) is the name of Bethany's superhero alter ego on Roblox. The Crowbar dresses in all green with a hooded cape. She was the leader of a super team with Shadow and Shadow Muffin and successfully defeated the villain known as Darkness aka Bob.

It was recently revealed the The Crowbar may actually be Gertrude.


  • Max/Shadow
  • Muffin/Shadow Muffin
  • Hero Of Time (Crowbarz are cool)
  • Elic Girl
  • Kittycat
  • Neon Asteroid
  • Sarah Wilson
  • ME (Spider-Man)
  • Sabrina/Light
  • Beck (Goku)
  • Dark Triton


  • Bob/The Demonator
  • Darkness
  • The Iron Blaze
  • Sabrina/Light


  • She is a huge fan of Spider-Man.
  • She can fly and shoot flames at people. She also knows extreme martial arts and parkour.