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This is a list of every know character who has Acachalla in the name, is apart of the Acachalla family, has connections/ possible connections to the family, or who is an alternate version of an Acachalla. (this list is most likely very incomplete, any help with finding more information would be a big help, thanks)


Main Acachallas[]

Papa Acachalla[]

Husband of Gertrude Acachalla

Gertrude Acachalla[]

Wife of Papa Acachalla

Billy Acachalla[]

Adopted son of Papa and Gertrude

Sally Acachalla[]

Adopted daughter of Papa and Gertrude

Sue Acachalla[]

Adopted ??? of Papa and Gertrude


Adopted son of Papa and Gertrude

Papa's Side[]

Maxwell Acachalla[]

Cousin of Papa

Jeremy Acachalla[]

Brother of Papa

Papa Nadachalla[]

Fraternal twin brother of Papa

Gramama Acachalla[]

Mother of Papa, Jeremy, and Nadachalla, wife of Frank

Grandfather Acachalla[]

Father of Grandpa Susan

Bobby Acachalla[]

Grandson of Grandfather Acachalla

Frank Acachalla[]

Father of Papa?

Owen Acachalla[]

Brother of Frank Acachalla

Mama Acachalla[]

Mother of Brittany, possibly related to Papa

Brittany Acachalla[]

Daughter of Mama Acachalla

Frank Acachalla[]

Father of Papa, Jeremy and Nadachalla, husband of Gramama

Bobbio Fart[]

Uncle of Papa, husband of Mary

Mary Fart[]

Aunt of Papa, wife of Bobbio

Gertrude's Side[]

Chef Chakalata Soup[]

Son of Darth Calculus and brother of Slender Man

Slender Man[]

Son of Darth Calculus, brother of Chakalata Soup, and boyfriend of Sally Acachalla

Grandfather Gertion[]

Related to Gertrude

Great-Grandfather Gertion[]

Related to Gertrude

Maddie Friend[]

Sister of Gertrude

Gertion the 3rd[]

Brother of Gertrude


Brother of Gertrude

Darth Calculus[]

Father of Chakala, somehow related to Gertrude


Sister of Fred Spooker and daughter of Cakalata Soup

Fred Spooker[]

Brother of Barnacle and son of Chakalata Soup

Apupu Soup[]

Possible son of Fred Spooker, possibly related to Sally

Monkey Boy[]

Cousin of Gertrude and Samantha


Related to Gertrude


Related to Gertrude


Mother of Gertrude, Gertion the 3rd, Maddie Friend, Annie Thatchery, and TomTom


Father of Gertrude, Gertion the 3rd, Maddie Friend, Annie Thatchery, and TomTom


Related to Gertrude and Suzy

Mr Johnson[]

Previous husband of Gertrude


Related to Gertrude and Samantha

Suzy's Father[]

The Father of Suzy

Suzy's Aunt[]

The Aunt of Suzy

Gertrude (Phaser Mod)[]

Future descendant of Gertrude

Sister Gertrude[]

Related to Gertrude

Margaret Johnson's Uncle[]

Uncle of Gertrude

Sally's Side[]


Sally's Biological mother and Papa Acachallas 2nd wife

Sally's father[]

Father of Sally


Father of Officer Maloney and Gregory.Gregory thd 2nd

Gregory.Gregory the Second[]

Son of Gregory.Gregory, sur-uncle of Sally

Sally Betty Jessica[]

Step-mother of Sally and Mother of Susan Rake Jessica

Sally Betty Jessica's Sister[]

The sister of Sally Betty Jessica

Sally Betty Jessica's Sister's Nephew[]

The nephew of Sally Betty Jessica's sister

Uncle Charlie[]

Brother of Medusa and Uncle of Sally

Slender Man[]

Boyfriend of Sally

Susan Rake Jessica[]

Daughter of Sally Betty Jessica and The Rake

Teenage Rake[]

Father of Susan Rake Jessica

Officer Malony[]

Son of Gregory.Gregory

Captain Maloney[]

Possibly related to Officer Malony

Uncle Wilbert[]

Elderly uncle of Sally


Adopted son of Gregory.Gregory

Shinogami's Nephew[]

The nephew of Shinogami

Shadow the Hedgehog[]

Son of Sally

Billy's Side[]

John Smigglebug[]

Father of Billy, Charile, and Yakface, possibly Tinker Corndog


Sister of Billy

Charlie Acachalla[]

Brother of Billy from the 123rd dimension

Grand Grand Acachalla Man[]

Great Great Uncle of Billy

Sue's side[]

Tinker Corndog[]

Father of Sue

Spencer's Side[]


Sister of Spencer and Vanellope von Schweetz

Light Zeron[]

Papa Acachalla's second cousin twice removed on Spencer's side, Spencer's second cousin 3 times removed.

Spencer's Father[]

Previous adoptive father of Spencer

Vanellope von Schweetz[]

Sister of Spencer and Spencerina

Possible Connections[]


First wife of Papa Acachalla

Different Versions of Acachallas[]

Alternate Acachalla Family[]

Grandpa Sink Supplies[]

Father of Jack Links

Susie Gumball[]

Wife of Jack Links

Jack Links[]

Husband of Susie Gumball

Mary (Marionette)[]

Adopted son of Jack Links and Susie

Grandma Links[]

Mother of Susie

Ruff Mama[]

Related to the Antichallas


Related the Antichallas


Papa Emochalla[]

Father of Billy Emochalla and Sally Emochalla

Emo Billy[]

Son of Papa Emochalla and brother of Sally Emochalla

Emo Sally[]

Daughter of Papa Emochalla and sister of Billy Emochalla

Aca-sorta-challa Family[]

Papa Aca-sorta-challa[]

FAther of Billy Aca-sorta-challa

Billy Aca-sorta-challa[]

Son of Papa Aca-sorta-challa


Papa Villainchalla[]

Father of Sally Villainchalla and Steve Villainchalla

Sally Villainchalla[]

Daughter of Papa Villainchalla and sister of Steve Villainchalla

Steve Villainchalla[]

Son of Papa Villainachalla and brother of Sally Villainchalla


  1. Rebel Sally


Papa Notachalla[]

Husband of Gertrude Notachalla

Gertrude Notachalla[]

Wife of Papa Notachalla


Papa Acamachalla[]

Husband of Gertrude Acamchalla

Gertrude Acamachalla[]

Wife of Papa Acamachalla


Papa Normalchalla[]

Wife of Gertrude Normalchalla, father of Sally and Billy Normalchalla

Gertrude Normalchalla[]

Husband of Papa Normalchalla, mother of Sally and Billy Normalchalla

Sally Normalchalla[]

Daughter of Gertrude and Papa Normalchalla, sister of Billy Normalchalla

Billy Normalchalla[]

Son of Gertrude and Papa Normalchalla, brother of Sally Normalchalla

Separate Acachallas[]

Alter Egos[]

  1. Jose Jose Jose Jose