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Teenage Slenderman
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Vital statistics
Position Creepypasta High School student
Age 17
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 7 feet 2 inches
Weight very light
Family Unknown

Teenage Slender Man has a large difference to the Slender Man. This is when he was going to Creepypasta High School, along with Rake and Jeff the Killer. He is the smartest out of both of them. He is the son of two presumably normal human beings named Kevin and Janice, as established by the "Gmod CREEPYPASTA DAYCARE Roleplay Mod! (Garry's Mod)" video.


Teenage Slender Man is a very artistic student. He loves the number eight and draws people he knows, like his dad. He is proud of his drawings and posts them in seemingly random places for all to see. Despite being often distracted in class with his drawings, he is quite smart.

Slender Man has shown a deep attraction to Sally Acachalla. This is most likely due to her savage waffle demon form. She is currently his girlfriend and he was enraged when he believed Teenage Rake was to marry Sally, but it later turned out Rake was marrying Sally Betty Jessica.


  • He cannot smile at the camera, though both Jeff and Rake can smile, because they are stuck with smiles, but he doesn't have a mouth.
  • He dates Sally as seen in the Creepypasta College video.
  • Teenage Slenderman's actual weight is 180 pounds.

His drawings

  • When he had a face he had a ginger mustache and an afro that he stuck a comb in.
  • He doesn't have a face anymore, because he got rid of it because he was so attractive.