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Suzie (Zoroark)
Gender Female
Played by Isaac Frye
Status Alive
Position/Rank Fiancé
Nationality Alien
Age ?
Group ?
Weapon ?

Gmod ZOROARK Pokemon Mod! (Garry's Mod)

Not to be confused with: Suzy (Tornado Mod).

Suzie was a Zoroark alien that first appeared in the Gmod Zoroark Pokémon mod. She is Mister No's girlfriend and the same alien race as Officer Maloney.


Suzie is very energetic and tends to run around a lot, almost to the point of barely being able to be seen. She is willing to do almost anything for her boyfriend, including hiding Johnny Toast in a room and making him see illusions. Suzie has a small obsession with bombs and set several bombs off in her boyfriend's house.


Mister No/Richard Nixon[]

Suzie is Mister No's girlfriend. They were about to get married.

Johnny Ghost[]

Johnny Ghost investigated Suzie, first thinking she was a ghost. Ghost did not like Suzie very much because of what she did to Johnny Toast.

Johnny Toast[]

Johnny Toast came along with Johnny Ghost to investigate Suzie. He was tasked with capturing her, but he ultimately failed. Instead, he ended up being locked up in a room with an illusion making it appear to have no doors.

Officer Maloney[]

Officer Maloney was staying with Suzie and Mister No so that way he could be present at their wedding. This is because Officer Maloney and Suzie are both part of the same alien race.