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All variants of Super Mutant Cywren encounters

"Of course, mutants are best equipped to deal with the world today. Who else? The Ghouls? Please. Normals? They brought nuclear death to us all. This will be the age of mutants! Mutants."
―The Master from Fallout 2

Super Mutants were one of the main antagonists in A Fallout Tale. They are big muscular former humans that have been exposed to the F.E.V virus. As they get older they get stronger. Examples: Normal Super Mutants become Brutes after a number of decades. It is presumed Behemoths might have existed Pre-War in Government Labs and that Super Mutant Overlords and Masters are civilians and Vault residents from when the Bombs dropped.


They were made antagonists in Ep. 13 "HOSTAGE RESCUE!" as they kidnapped Red and Shorty from Big Town. Thankfully Cywren rescued them from the Germantown Police HQ. The super mutants have now become common enemies, being fairly easy for Crywen to dispose of(though part of this is due to her wolverine healing factor added by mods).

Known Locations[]


They were created in Vault 87 by official Government approved and monitored F.E.V tests. It was here Vent realized that the Vaults were actually a sadistic way for the US government to perform un-ethical tests on its citizens, they never feared a nuclear war and all Vaults were to be shut on specific dates where tensions were high and the fears of nuclear war had risen.


  • They have mutated to the point that they have no discernible gender. They have little other human traits besides their humanoid figure and brutish speech.
  • The Nightkin are a type of Super Mutant.