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Squishy Trump
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Gender Male
Played by Jordan Frye
Status Undead
Position/Rank Adventurer, Explorer, Warrior and New King of The Cathedral Of Blue
Nationality Maybe Alien?
Age 30-40 (Estimated)
Group Chorrol Constable (cousin)
Weapon Shortsword, Broken Straight Sword, Shield, Knight Sword
Debut THE SERIES IS OVER! - Mini Minecraft/Dark Souls 35

Squishy Trump was an adventurer and explorer who had purple hair, green eyes, and a yellow mark on his cheek. He is the cousin of Chorrol Constable from An Oblivion Tale.


Squishy Trump was one of the few adventurers that was chosen by Jordan Frye in his quest for adventures. Unlike Vahl Aradur, Cywren Caster and Asylum Weaver, Squishy Trump has no specified personality traits and is much more of a mere tool for Jordan to use achieve his ends. Though he does speak from time to time, it is all but incomprehensible gibberish. Not being very social, Squishy often ignores and skips over dialogue and does not seem to be interested in companionship. With his only true desires being to kill any enemy Jordan wills him to, only showing frustration and anger when he fails to do this.



A shot of Squishy Trump from behind.