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Vital statistics
Position Princess Of Skyrim
Age 9 (4E 201, Skyrim Tale Series start)

14 (4E 206, A Skyrim Legacy)

Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'1"
Weight 35kg / 77 pounds
Family Unknown

Sofie Aradur (born Eriksen) is a character in A Skyrim Tale. She is Vahl and Farkas' adoptive daughter, as well as the biological daughter of Garith Eriksen. She lived in Windhelm during the year 4E 201 with her father prior to his death during the Civil War. Gaelan, Vahl's brother and Garith's close friend, looked after her as a dying request from her father, until the day she was adopted by Vahl. Little did Sofie know that Vahl was Gaelan's twin sister. 


  • When Vahl was getting her family to vote for her on her election for High Queen, Sofie did not want to.
  • She is very greedy.
  • Her best friend is her adopted sister Ma'isha.
  • Before Vahl adopted her, she sold flowers in Windhelm for food.
  • According to Skyrim lore, her mother died when she was young and her father, Garith, was a Stormcloak, who also died.