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"I'm coming." - the average Slenderman

Slenderman's Species are a race of faceless, tall, and teleporting humanoids on Earth and Minecraftia. Slendermen seem to be semi-accepted within human society, to the point of going to human schools, inter-species relationships, and living amongst them. Some groups, such as P.I.E, hunt them down for being "paranormal", however. They are highly resistant to most weapons, but are easily killed by the Dark Energy balls fired from the AR2 (a pulse rifle).

Biology and powers[]

A Slender infected with the Green Flu, attacking a survivor

Slendermen are usually taller than humans and lack facial features. They can grow hair, like humans, however. Slendermen have the power to teleport, though they rarely use this power unless they are stalking their victims. Slendermen don't have tentacles, but some kind of tentacle-like organ that they can shoot out of their throats, and pull prey towards them. [1] The majority of their race are lactose intolerant. They can walk through solid matter, often walking through walls. While many are resistant to rockets, bullets, and superheated bolts of metal, it seems that Green Flu-infected Slendermen could be injured with said weapons. They can also turn invisible at will. [2]

Slendermen could produce a loud, annoying sound that could hurt both human and their own race's ears, and interfere with cameras and other technology. This power made a white glow form around their head for a moment, while they screeched. [3]

They are also abnormally fast and strong. Like humans, they had red blood.

A slenderman screeching

They can be infected with the Green Flu.

Like humans, they can be Force-sensitive. [4]



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