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Slender Man is a paranormal entity within the VenturianTale universe, originating from the series of the same name. A member of a mysterious species, he had the ability to teleport and brainwash his victims. He is wanted by Paranormal Investigators Extraordinaire

He is abnormally tall, though he lacks tentacles, unlike popular belief. In his teenage hood, he was much more cheerful than his adult hood, where he was silent and stalked humans

History []

The Mausoleum

Slender Man was seen in a mausoleum that Jordan Frye and HomelessGoomba went through. Slender Man chased them down and it was shown that Slender Man can phase through walls and other solid objects.

Teenage hood[]

He went to Creepy Pasta High School when he was a teenager. He was there with The Rake, Jeff the Killer, and the principal, Johnny Ghost.

Marriage with Sally []

Sally and Slender went on a date on an occasion to Johnny Ghost's McDonald's. There they came across Johnny Ghost on macaroni.

Green Flu outbreak []

Mission to Tatooine[]

Slender Man, armed with a red lightsaber, fought his way through Tatooine and killed battle droids and mercs. He created the Floating Droid of the Aztecs

Personality and Abilities []

Trivia []

  • Slendermen are a mob in Minecraft that appeared in the Minecraft Slenderman mod video. They look like taller Endermen but with a suit and blank white face.

Appearances []