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Skelly (also known as Frank) is a skeleton, who was in The Elevator Source Part 1/2, GMOD THRUSTERS CHALLENGE, Roblox: THE NORMAL ELEVATOR, HOW PAPA ACACHALLA MET GERTRUDE!, and DOES ACACHALLA LIKE WENDY'S? He was one of the Doctor Rangers. In the VenturianTale 5th anniversary live stream he was revealed to be a future version of Johnny Toast.


Skelly spent an unspecified amount of time in the elevator with Papa Acachalla and Gertrude. He eventually died in the video Elevator Source Part 1 after the elevator came apart. The only thing left of him was a rib bone, his skull, and his spine. He was the Pink Elevator Power Ranger. He later came back from the dead and fought William Barricade in a thruster deathmatch. Skelly now lives in Papa Acachalla's 7-11's basement and he is being fed customers by Papa Acachalla.


Papa Acachalla[]

He was Papa Acachalla's first elevator client. Papa Acachalla is fond of Skelly. Papa Acachalla did have a slight desire to eat Skelly's bones after his death. Skelly now lives in Papa Acachalla's 7-11's basement and eats dead customers bodies.


Gertrude was in love with Skelly, even after his re-death.

William Barricade[]

Skelly fought William Barricade in a thruster deathmatch because William thought he was an alien space terrorist.

Bethany (Roblox)[]

Skelly spent time in the normal elevator with Bethany for a short time until He left the elevator.

Johnny Toast[]

He is Johnny Toast from the future.


  • He is diabetic.
  • His family is buried under Wendy's.
  • He almost sent Papa Acachalla back to his grave.