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Sarah Lyons
Sarah lyons.jpg
Game Fallout 3
Race Caucasian
Gender Female
Age 26 as of A Fallout Tale
Position ?
Status UKN
Weapon(s) Laser Rifle
Played by Heather Marie Marsden (Fallout 3 voice actor)
Debut ?

Sarah Lyons is a member of the Brotherhood of Steel and Lyons Pride. She is in Cywren's group, as seen in A Fallout Tale Ep. 27. She is the second human follower and third real follower and forth official follower.

She was in a Coma there for could not travel with Cywren anymore. This happened after the blast of the GECK activating.

After the Enclave's other HQ, the Mobile Base Crawler was destroyed, she has woke up from her Coma and is once again in the group. She did not accompany Cywren to Point Lookout like the other followers in the group.


Sarah Lyons was born in 2251 in the Brotherhood of Steel's main base in California, known as the Lost Bunker.

When she was three years old, a small but hardened contingent of Brotherhood of Steel soldiers, led by Sarah's father, an paladin named Owyn Lyons and his friend and tech adviser Scribe Reginald Rothchild) set out from California along with many Brothherhood soldiers. 

A base known as the Citadel was established in the ruins of the Pentagon. Owyn Lyons (now Elder of the Capital Wasteland division of the Brotherhood) and his soldiers also found the Super Mutants in the urban ruins of downtown D.C.

In 2277, Elder Lyons' daughter Sarah is now a grown woman, but she is the Brotherhood’s finest warrior,  In fact, she’s the only member to have been given the rank of Sentinel, and now commands her own elite squad, Lyons' Pride.

Sarah is loyal to her father, but her superior attitude to wastelanders is more typical of those in the Brotherhood left for the Outcasts. She has little patience with civilians. Her attitude to Initiate Reddin suggests she is not convinced that wastelanders should be recruited into Brotherhood ranks.

She took part in the Battle for GNR ( Galaxy News Radio ) where Initiate Reddin died, she felt guilty for being harsh against here, this is also where she first encountered Cywren.

She then encountered Cywren after Cywren, Dr. Madison Li, Timebomb and Quasar escaped the Jefferson Memorial, where she joined up with Cywren because of her help at the Battle for GNR.