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"I swear to you, on the name of my great grandmother, that if there are waffles in this town, we will find them and eat them."
―Sally's father to Sally[src]


Mr. Jenkins is the biological father of Sally Acachalla


Sally's father lived with his wife, Medusa, and their daughter Sally together somewhere off the coast of South America (albeit Medusa was something of an absentee mother; she spent most of her time away from the family at yoga classes).

One year Medusa threw Sally and her father out of the house and sent them on holiday to Amsterville. Once they arrived there by boat they found the town to be completely deserted, which thoroughly unnerved the father and convinced him that a zombie apocalypse was afoot. His fears would later be vindicated when a zombie apocalypse was revealed to have broken out, and by a month later he and Sally found themselves fighting their way across the country against hordes of zombies. Sally would later be infected with the zombie virus; however she was saved from infection by her "sur-uncle" Gregory.Gregory the Second. However the virus had already caused a great deal of damage to her mind that would take years for her to recover from; leaving her in the mental state of a small child with an obsession with waffles.

He didn't take "losing" his daughter very well and sunk into depression, which wasn't helped by Sally's new personality grating on his nerves with inane questions, getting herself in danger, and annoying him with various other nuisances, and within two weeks of getting his daughter back, he killed himself by jumping off a roof.

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