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Gmod DUMBBELL Weapon Mod! (Garry's Mod)

A moment in the DUMBBELL mod, in which Papa Acachalla realises he has to use the bathroom, recreating in a pose in Garry's Mod.

In the Acachalla Roleplay, there is a club in the tree house belonging to Sally. This has only appeared in the Gmod DUMBBELL Weapon Mod! (Garry's Mod) video. Whether it has stayed around and whether Sally is still a "workout freak," as Papa Acachalla put it, is unknown. Though the weights are still present and papa claims to use them.

Sally's club hints at insidious intent, as billy and sally attempted to sacrifice one of the members have them burn fat.

The club seems to be an attempt to keep the family healthy.


  • Papa Acachalla (though he seems to want no part in it, as in the video he says he's going to go watch the game)


The Weight Lifting Club has a very repetitive theme song. New members have to sing it to join.

Sally, Sally's got the best club!

__I_, __She_, wants to join the club!

Repeat, but each time it is repeated the name in the blank changes.