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Robin (Tim/Floober Drake) is a character from the "L4D Batman and Robin Mod" video. He is dressed as and portrays the character of Robin from DC Comics. He is a sidekick to Batman, who pays him five dollars an hour. He used to be payed two dollars an hour, until he got a three dollar raise. Jordan also has a strange addiction to his cape.


BATMAN & ROBIN! | Gmod PROPHUNT 21 (Garry's Mod)

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Tim/Floober is not exactly the brightest sidekick around. He rarely makes any intellegent observations, making him useless in the detective field. He is, however, very loyal to Batman. He is also very naive, making him unable to get scared easily. 


  • He got his name from the name that his parents used for what the dog coughed up.
  • He wears a diaper.
  • He has an Instagram under the name Tim Drake.
  • He has a crush on Rochelle, and got her number.