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As seen in the super-powered baby mod, the baby BonBon has returned for revenge but now has lasers for eyes.


The legend of BonBon[]

It all started when Johnny Ghost and Johnny Toast were investigating the Legend of Bonbon. They were cursed by BonBon and his mother, Charlie Charlie Chase Butt Face, turning Johnny Toast and Johnny Ghost into babies. These actions caught the attention of the Toilet Toucher.

Talking with the Toilet Toucher, Johnny Ghost made a bargin; if the Toilet Toucher turns them back, he will forgive his crimes. The Toilet Toucher comes up with a cure (to eat 100 pizzas).They find themselves at Mama Gertrude's farm were she agrees to help.

After Johnny Ghost comes back from the dead he finds he is free from the curse and is human again. After dying many times, Johnny comes up with a solution, Baby death battle. After the Toilet Toucher goes rouge it becomes the two Johnnys priority to protect Gertrude. After using the power of the Taco Burrito, Johnny descovers that they are in a computer simulation made by Gurtrude to trap them, and Gertrude reveals that BonBon was something on Papa Acachalla's Computer.

The Toilet Toucher's ultimate form

The reason for Gurtrude  trapping Johnny Ghost, Joh

nny Toast and the Toilet Toucher was to film a death battle for Sally and Billy. The Toilet Toucher was back but as his Ultimate Form, a floating, glowing dog head. All the power went to The Toilet Toucher's head and he became the master of the universe.

With his power level over 1 million, Johnny Ghost tells Johnny Toast to get his biggest fish oil pill to trap him there and escape the simulation. At the Toilet Toucher's mercy he stabs him and becomes the infamous Jimmy Casket and starts to kill everyone.

Jimmy finaly catches up with the Toilet Toucher but finds that the Toilet Toucher was a seagull. In anger, Jimmy tries to stab him out of the air and fails, so he instead shoots him down and claims the fish oil pill. Johnny eats it and finds out that he will become a melon in five minutes. As he only has a few minutes left, he desides to use them to destroy the Toilet Toucher once and for all. Gertude remindes Ghost that you can't die, and Johnny Ghost finaly realised that he is truly a pigeon, Toast is a melon, and the Toilet Toucher is a duck that goes quack and stays in the computer.

The power of the taco burrito