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Rapture is an underwater city built by Andrew Ryan. It was visited twice by adventurers VenturianTale and ImmortalKyodai. It is inhabited by Combine soldiers, zombies, errors, Big Daddies, and Little Sisters. 


Gmod BIOSHOCK Mod! []

Four adventurers, VenturianTale, Homeless Goomba, ImmortalKyodai, and Bethany Frye (possibly Gertrude) stumble across the underwater city of Rapture during their travels. By this time, it appears that the Combine had taken up shop at the city, building teleportation technology within. They examine the inhabitants, which includes the mysterious Big Daddy guardians and their "Little Sisters". Bethany had accidentally beat two to death, and the others either didn't see, care, or were hypnotized (though its possible that they didn't get plasmids until the next episode). The gang head into the city, Jordan getting trapped in a room and being killed by a teleporting Combine soldier. Homeless kills off the soldier with his USP Match, Jordan finding hidden ammo. Homeless decides to take the sentry gun set up by the Combine with him, while Jordan finds a bathroom with two errors. He finds a flooded floor, and opens fire at a mysterious Mysterious Combine Soldier, who teleports away. The others return to Jordan, and make their way out and murder a Combine soldier who appeared out of nowhere. 

Along with the teleporting, Homeless finds that the man he cremated vanished. They head downstairs, where Jordan is attacked by a zombie. He kills it, and appears to be severely affected by it. They travel around a spiral staircase, and find several uninteresting apartment rooms. However, they find a room filled with mutilated corpses and blood. They continue on to the Hub, where Homeless steals the cash register while Jordan shoots at cheese. 

They find a human working at the counter, who sells hotel rooms. Homeless tries to buy a room with his crossbow bolts but is fatally shot to the head by the cashier. He is then beaten to death, and the entire episode dissolves into chaos and murder. 




An area containing a coffin. This is where Jordan was attacked by the Combine. 

Room of Error[]

A bathroom inhabited by errors and a mysterious soldier. Note that the urinals have an unhealthy amount of blood on them. 

Morgue []

A room where corpses are cremated. Judging by the Combine button, it was victim to the Combine takeover. Possibly teleports bodies to the Combine Overworld. 

Land of Error[]

An island-like area filled with roaming errors. 

Central Hub of Errors and Missing Textures []

It appears to be a restaurant for errors. They sell giant wheels of cheese. 

Second Land of Error[]

Another habitat for errors under the Central Hub. 

Inhabitants []

  • Harold the Big Daddy
  • Unnamed Delta Big Daddy
  • Hotel Guy
  • Mysterious Combine Soldier


  • They appear to have Errors on the ceilings. 

Appearances []

  • Gmod BIOSHOCK Mod!