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Gmod TERRARIA Put the Cash Money in the Bag 6! (Garry's Mod)

Put the Cash Money in the Bag is a game invented by the group in Garry's Mod as an alternate version of Cops and Robbers. The game revolves around two teams of players: The Robbers and the Cops, both with opposing objectives. 

Seven episodes have been released as of September 7th, 2014. 

Game Rules[]

There are two opposing teams: the Cops and the Robbers. The cop's objective is to prevent the theft of a number of bags of cash, while the robber's objective is to steal the sacks of money without being caught and killed by the cops. The Cops are equipped with small-arms weaponry like shotguns or rifles, while the robbers are equipped with melee weapons.

The game is won if either the Cops successfully defend the stash of money from the Robbers, if the Robbers manage to steal one of the bags of cash and escape unseen, or if the Cop and/or Robber is killed.


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