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Vital statistics
Position Inventor
Age 14 (In 4E 202. Debut)

18 (In 4E 206, Skyrim Tale Series end)

Status A Skyrim Tale: Alive; A Fallout Tale: Presumed Deceased
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Family Unknown

Poet, or as Jordan calls her Poe, is an "anime" character who followed Vahl in a Skyrim Tale. She first appeared in episode 86 of the series and is an engineer. She is Venturian's favourite follower in Skyrim. As she is an engineer, she has created a Navigator, a robotic firefly (which follows her around) and a Dwarven Rifle. Poet has been officially shipped with Vahl's nephew, Areum. She is a series regular on A Skyrim Tale. She is an ancestor of Cywren Caster, the main character of A Fallout Tale



Poet was once just the Engineer of Vahl's Crew, until she was proven to be the favorite of the group and to be an adopted daughter of Vahl.


Miraak and Poet

Miraak  and Poet seem to be the series' biggest contrast, with Miraak being the oldest and strongest member and Poet being the youngest and weakest member. Despite this difference, Miraak has a soft spot for the young inventor, treating her more kindly than he would the other members, buying her gifts for her birthday and even donating a sample of his blood for Poet to use in her cloning experiment (this would prove to be disastrous). If anything, Miraak can be considered Poet's best friend in the series as she expresses concern over the whole Miraak/Anna relationship.


Poet has been officially shipped with Areum, and the two are now boyfriend and girlfriend.


Cywren is Poet's descendent and is the main character in Fallout tale, the sequel to A Skyrim Tale. Also she has influenced Cywren's love for the sword/skills with guns and her smarts and ingenuity and bravery but also unfortunatlyy her strength which as you know isn't much.

Things Poet did



Tinker Poet

Anime Poet



  • Vahl's house
  • Windhelm
  • All of Nirn


  • She has a hatred for vampires, people believe that it has to do with her earlier life.