The Mech that Jordan used for Pie Crust Yum Yum

Pie Crust Yummy Yummy, later shortened to Pie Crust Yum Yum, was Jordan Frye's Jaeger in the Pacific Rim mod video. He was considered the best Jaeger pilot there was, but lost his status when a level 4 Kaiju defeated him in battle. Sent to finish the job PieCrust didn't, PeaPod (played by Cierra) was recruited and soon became the new best pilot. Jealous, PieCrust challenged PeaPod to a duel. PieCrustYumYum was defeated by PeaPod with some sort of EMP blast, and PieCrust sunk to the bottom of the water, destroyed. Pie Crust Yum Yum was never seen in any other videos since the Pacific Rim video.


Rockets, grenades, minigun, and an Electric blast of some sort (EMP?). He used these things to defeat the monsters and PeaPod


  • His physical appearance is unknown. So is PeaPod's
  • Pie Crust Yum Yum went into the drift and said he saw "Kitty Cats", meaning that there was something to do with a cat in his memories.
  • The Pacific Rim mod video is the only video you see the Jaegers in. The Combine Mechs, however, that were used for the Jaegers, are seen in numeral videos.
  • The Monsters in the video that Pie Crust Yum Yum fought were not from Pacific Rim. They were from the F.E.A.R. video games.