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Pee Wee Ghost
Gender Male
Played by N/A
Status Fictional entity
Position/Rank Paranormal investigator
Nationality American
Age Around 150
Group ?
Weapon ?
Debut FUNNY_CANDY!!_-_Gmod_LOLLIPOP_Mod!_(Garry's_Mod)

Pee Wee Ghost was a fictional paranormal investigator in the 1850s created by Johnny Ghost as a father figure.

Fictional biography[]

When he was around one hundred and fifty years old, Ghost had a son, Johnny, who took up the same role of his as paranormal investigator, starting the organization known as Paranormal Investigators Extraordinaire, or "P.I.E.," with his childhood friend Johnny Toast. He also had a brother twice-removed named Ernie Ghost. He highly resembled Pee Wee Herman (hence his name) and everyone in his neighborhood admired him and had at least one framed picture of him in their home. He was later revealed to have been made up by none other than Johnny Ghost himself.

Behind the scenes[]

Conflicting accounts of parenthood[]

Pee Wee Ghost's existence conflicts with previous statements from Johnny Ghost that said a man named Tommy Casket was his father. He also said Tommy had died before his mother had given birth to him. This means Pee Wee may be his step-father and that Johnny may have took his last name, or possibly Tommy Casket was the father of his alternate personality, Jimmy Casket, which merged with his good personality.

Conflicting dates[]

According to the lore as of 2014, Johnny Ghost is 24 years old and his father, who was at the time Tommy Casket, died in 1986, before he was born. Pee Wee Ghost's steampunk PIE took place in the 1850's. Johnny Ghost's PIE takes place in what appears to be around the present (although some have speculated it to be the near future). This would make Johnny Ghost more than 260 years old assuming that no time travel was involved (which it frequently is).