"Pincho is not a Special Guest. He's like, he's like a semi-member of the channel."
Isaac Frye
Parker Moore
Full Name Parker Moore
Other Names Pincho32 (former)
Pincho (former; abbreviation)
Name's Nex
Gender Male
Age Under 20 (Presumed)
Birthday  ?
Family  ?
Hair Color Black
Lives in Florida, USA
First Video
Roblox SCARY Slenderman Horror Game!

Roblox SCARY Slenderman Horror Game!

Websites DeviantArt

Parker Moore, also formerly known as Pincho32, is a YouTuber who appeared in several VenturianTale Roblox episodes in 2013. Outside of VenturianTale he is known for appearing with TheGamingExperience, who has also appeared in VenturianTale.

Appearances Edit

  • Roblox SCARY Slenderman Horror Game!
  • Roblox PAC-MAN Multiplayer Game!
  • Roblox APPLES TO APPLES Multiplayer Game!
  • Roblox FINDING BIGFOOT Game!
  • Minecraft Multiplayer HUNGER GAMES! w/ Reactionz (Survival Games)
  • Roblox PROP HUNT Multiplayer Mini-Game! (Hide and Seek)
  • Minecraft COPS N ROBBERS Map! /w MonkeyVSMinecraft
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