P.I.E. West Coast (alternately spelled PIE: West Coast) is an upcoming Garry's Mod fan web series. It is set to focus on an alternate division of Paranormal Investigators Extraordinare, with a cast of characters featuring Johnny Ghost's sister, Adam Wolverton, Dark Pit, Samantha Johnson, Johnny Roast, and Oracle. It is a VenturianTale Wiki Original.

Plot Edit

The series follows the misadventures of the California division of PIE. Following the death of the West Coast head Johnny Coast during a procedural, Johnny Ghost's sister Leah is called back in as a replacement. The arrival of Ghost coincides with that of several new recruits, including Adam Wolverton and Samantha Johnson.

Episodes Edit

Ep. # Title Synopsis Release Date
01. "Those Other Guys" The West Coast division of PIE tackles a mission involving a familiar face associated with the East Coast branch of PIE. 20--
02. "TBD" 20--
03. "TBD" 20--
04. "TBD" 20--
05. "TBD" 20--
06. "TBD" 20--
07. "TBD" 20--
08. "TBD" 20--
09. "Full Fathom Five" A deep-sea research station studying retrogenics - a new field exploring whether DNA can record past evolutionary stages - goes into full lockdown when a newly-grown specimen of the long-extinct Basilocetus escapes. 20--
10. "TBD" 20--
11. "TBD" 20--
12. "TBD" Gavin kidnaps Brian. Jenny joins forces with California division to get him back. 20--
13. "The Island" (working title) Johnny Toast comes to California branch of PIE with a dangerous proposition that may save Johnny Ghost. 20--


Cast & Crew Edit

Voice Cast Edit

"Leah Williams" Edit

The half-sister of Paranormal Investigator Extraordinaire Johnny Ghost, Jackie was separated from her family in late 1993 after the first Cardboard Friend/Jimmy Casket encounter (which she would later witness first-hand as a near-adult after being sent back in time during the Scratchman incident) and sent off to a children's home under the alias Leah Williams to prevent her brother from tracking her down. She was never comfortable with adoption, however, and she would return to North Carolina 13 years later in order to discover what happened to her original family. It was this search for answers that would lead her to her brother's old friend Johnny Toast and the Paranormal Investigators Extraordinaire. Whilst not initially interested in ghost-hunting, she stayed on in the hope that it would reunite her with her missing brother - which, as it later transpired, it would (see Business Unusual). After essentially retiring in 2009 - shortly before her brother's reappearance and "revival" of PIE, she spent a few years on the road with her then-boyfriend, Ben. She was forced back into the Paranormal Investigation business, however, after the death of California branch's frontman Johnny Coast and the disappearance of Ben and her brother.

ElectricFire 169 as Adam Wolverton Edit

An avid PIE fan with a longtime ambition of joining the team, Wolverton was originally brought in as an intern to the North Carolina branch of PIE. However, he was transferred to the California division some time later.

In December 2018, ElectricFire 169 left the wiki, leaving the character's fate in question.

Samantha Johnson Edit

In 2013, a storm whisked Samantha away into another universe. The storm was generated by an experiment being conducted at a nearby research facility in the mountains. The unique quantum resonance of the device created a rift in the space-time continuum and caused atmospheric anomalies that led to the deaths of more than thirty people, including many members of Samantha's family. Samantha herself fell into this interstitial breach and became trapped in a parallel universe for more than two years before being recovered by a PIE exploratory mission into an identical spacetime event in the vicinity of Utah. Samantha remains traumatized by her experiences and refuses to discuss them with anyone.

Johnny Coast Edit

Despite being killed in action, Coast is still an active member of the PIE team as a level 6 Poltergeist.

Dark Pit/Johnny Boast? Edit

A childhood friend of Johnny Ghost during his school years and a founding member of Ghost's first PIE team, Pit left at some point before 2014.

Oracle Edit

Jason Edit

Jason is a paranormal investigator who worked with field agent Mattie. During a mission Mattie was brutally murdered by a creature known as "i", which led to Jason's brief resignation from active duty. He now continues to work at PIE in Mattie's honour, but is now terrified of the thought of meeting the same fate. He is periodically erroneously referred to by other characters as "Nathan" as a running gag.

Phillipa Wolfgang Edit

Despite being a very driven, work-minded person and being unfocused and uneasy outside of this, Phillipa is very protective of her friends and can hold her own in intense situations.

Stanley Edit

A seemingly normal 20-something who is interested in the paranormal, he is Jason's best friend and new partner after Mattie's death.

Jaron Rustwell Edit

Cat Edit

A prospective intern to PIE, he figured he could do so much better with his own paranormal Investigation team. Upon making his own, he realized how hard it was and now the only thing stopping him from abandoning the project altogether and returning to PIE is his pride.

Klyde Edit

An extradimensional telepathic eldritch abomination the team has "contained" that occasionally influences outside minds to its will.

xxxzz Edit

Minor characters Edit

Johnny Toast - the second half of the North Carolina PIE team, Toast occasionally drops messages and Skype chats on Ghost's sister. Following Ghost's disappearance he is imprisoned in his own dreamstate and his identity is briefly adopted by his brother Gavin.

Crew Edit

Writing team - ElectricFire 169, ThisIsMysterical, Sodo arabon 55, Theforest04, BlueSkyfire, Superlazerninja12, TheNuclearFamily, Markmossing, Ricker106, and TheLoneClone

Trivia Edit

East Coast

The P.I.E. East Coast teaser poster, made before the title change.

  • The title was originally P.I.E. East Coast as a reference to the similarly-titled Avengers comic book series. However it was changed after it was realized that California is on the West Coast and North Carolina is on the East.
  • The series is a spiritual successor to Starbuggers.