The Ugandan Bois

The Ugandan Bois are a tribe of unknown origins.Their appearance resembles a fat Knuckles.Their homeland is the deep jungles of Uganda.Their goal is to find "de wae" and kill all those who do not know "de wae".They appear to know two languages: a language which includes clucking noises and a language which resembles the English language but it has bad grammar and unusual spelling.In 1874 an explorer by the name of Little Kitten Meow explores the jungles and tries to communicate to an Ugandan Boi.Venturian explains how the Ugandan Bois are some of the most vicious tribal animals ever witnessed on this great Earth.Little Kitten Meow gave a watermelon to the Ugandan Boi, but the Ugandan Boi said "dis itnot de wae" and pulled out a fully automated SMG.

To be continued...