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"I think I need another drink."
―Chet Jenkins

Chet "Old Man" Jenkins was the town drunk (on milk) of Little Farts New Mexico from the game Garry's Mod. He was played by Venturian in one video.


In his younger days, Jenkins went by the name Chet and was trained by an Indian to be the greatest crowbar wielder ever.

When he was very young his father was killed by Gertion the Second. Old Man Jenkins was the best crowbar in the world when Gertion's daughter Gertrude was little. He became a drunk (on milk) after he lost to some "whippersnapper" a while back. Gertrude wanted to have a crowbar duel with Jenkins, but he just wanted more milk. It was only until Gertrude destroyed the chair containing Jenkins milk that the old man agreed to fight. When Gertrude finally got Jenkins to duel, he simply ran. Forcing Gertrude to chase Chet around the town. Blocking Gertrude's path to Jenkins was a barrel, and in her blind rage and distracting monologuing, hit the barrel, only for it to cause a fatal explosion, making Chet the technical winner.

Personality and traits[]

Once a champion who once had a life filled with glories and sorrows, Jenkins is now a stubborn, grumpy old man. Constantly drinking milk presumably because of his hardships in his early life. Due to constantly drinking milk, Jenkins is in a perpetual state of drunkenness. Which causes his to slur his words, walk clumsily, and hallucinate. However, whenever he notices his delusions, he tries to cure it by drinking more, creating a vicious cycle.

Chet's stubbornness also aquatics to laziness, as he refuses Gertrude's challenge every chance he could. Only agreeing to fighting her after he destroyed the chair he was drinking milk out if, something Chet believe even the nefarious person was capable of such an act. Even when their fight began Chet got easily distracted and even ran from Gertrude, possibly hinting at cowardice in Chet.


  • Chet Jenkins is very similar in voice character traits with Princeton Quagmire, who first appeared in the send Wild West video.
  • Jenkins pictures himself to look like Jeff Bridges. likely in reference to Bridges' role as sheriff in the film True Grit.
  • He shares his surname with Sally Jenkins, later known as Sally Acachalla. Because of this, it is possible they may be related.