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Not to be confused with: Suzie (Tornado mod) or [[:Suzie (Zoroark)]].

Officer Suzie
Gender Female
Played by Bethany Frye
Status Deceased
Position/Rank Prison Guard
Nationality American
Age ?
Group LBPD (Little Butts Police Department)
Weapon Shotgun and Nuke
Debut COPS AND ROBBERS! - Gmod Female Police Mod

Officer Suzie was a female police officer with the Little Butts North Carolina Police Department. She, along with Officer Jenny, guarded the prison Papa Acachalla and Billy Acachalla were sent to after they used a dead person's credit card and tried to sell Macaroni. When the the two prisoners tried to escape she and Jenny chased them down. After Jenny and Papa had died Suzie decided to use a nuke on Billy but ended up giving Billy Toilet Touching powers and killing herself.