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Officer Daniels
Gender Male
Played by Jordan Frye
Status Deceased
Position/Rank Police Officer
Nationality American
Age ?
Group North Dakota Police Department
Weapon .32 pistol
Debut Gmod_MELON_FRIEND_Mod!_(Garry's_Mod)

Officer Daniels (also known as Officer Daniel) was a Police Officer who appeared in the Teleportation and Melon Friend mod videos. He was played by Jordan Frye



Daniels was sent in a squad car to investigate electromagnetic disturbances in the space-time continuum. Arriving at the scene, he accidentally drove through a portal, throwing his car into an aircraft hangar, wrecking it. He then went to hunt down Billy, who he discovered was using an illegal teleportation device. Billy threw him through a portal, where he landed on a roof and engaged in combat with Billy. He was shot with an SMG by Billy and died next to a washing machine. 

Melon Friend[]

While investigating Smigglebug's disappearance within Acachalla's House, Officer Daniels found blood, bullet holes, saw blades, and Billy's dead father lying in bed. Daniels fled the scene and was killed whilst calling for backup, apparently by Billy, who was possessed by Melon Friend.


  • He doesn't like time travel going on in his "district".
  • Both Billy and Daniels refer to him as Billy's father. However, in the Melon Friend Mod he was revealed to look like John Smigglebug.