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While giving Jordan Frye a tour of her castle she accidentally swallowed her own nose, Jordan Frye Tried to help this by shooting her in the face

After get shot in the face Mulan, turned insane and started chasing venturian around the castle, he hid in the cemetery but was cornered by Mulan because the forest was too small.


Mulan lived inside of a Brony castle with Jasmine and Tinker bell . Just outside the castle is a cemetery and the smallest forest in the world (deemed by Jordan Frye). The three princesses are seen in the castle


Jordon wanted get rid of mulan so he did what any person would do, send her to space. She slowly floated up into the air only to hit the invisible wall that made the small forest so small. She fell down to ground, hitting her head on the way down, killing her.


Mulan is chinese and looks so. She has black hair and brown hair. She wears a white robe and a brown skirt.


Tinker bell and Jasmine- Tinker bell, Jasmine and Mulan all were best friends, they all performed levitating yoga outside Mulans castle

Venturian- Mulan hated Venturian, he having caused her derformed face. She once even tried to kill him.


  • She was a Chinese princess
  • Her castle was a Brony castle

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