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Mr. Sviggles
Gender Male
Played by Jordan Frye (Venturian)
Status unknown
Position/Rank Teacher
Nationality German
Age 34
Group Unknown
Weapon N/A
Debut Gmod_CREEPYPASTA_HIGHSCHOOL_Roleplay_Mod!_(Garry's_Mod)

Mr. Sviggles was the Math and Biology teacher of Creepypasta High School up until he died on his first day.He may be the same person as Dread Pirate Sviggles


Mr. Sviggles often attempts to keep everything under control, but fails. His ideas tend to not make much sense, and he does not have a very commanding presence, which hinders his abilities to keep a class under control.

Mr.Sviggles does not seem to notice that his accent makes it difficult for anyone to understand him. Thus his orders are often misunderstood.

Mr.Sviggles also appears to have violent desires, showing joy when his students were attacked by the monstrosity he created. Also when he took a vacation he was seen going on killing sprees and rampages, stating he had "the Sviggle jiggles" whenever he created an explosion.


Mr. Sviggles made a dinosaur for his students to dissect using the clone of a chicken, the DNA of an alligator, and apparently Godzilla, but he eventually died by the dinosaur's short stubby hands. Rake later ate him; however, he came back from the dead.

Quotes | Translation in (here)[]

  • "My name ith Mr. Sviggles (My name is Mr. Sviggles)"
  • "Not Mr. Wiggolz, Mr. Sviggles (Not Mr. Wiggles, Mr. Sviggles)"
  • "Alright, clath dithmithed I'm going to thyump out of thith thwindow, (Alright, class dismissed, I'm going to jump out of this window!)"
  • "Thith ith payback for making me jump outh the thwindow! (This is payback for making me jump out of the window!)"
  • "Oh no, goodthbye Mr. Sviggles (Oh no, goodbye Mr. Sviggles)"
  • "Whath do you mean? It's thimple thience, all I did wuth clone a chicken with the DNA of an alligathor and .. Godthzilla. (What do you mean? "It's simple science, all I did was clone a chicken with the DNA of an aligator and .. Godzilla)"
  • "I couldth be bakth home in Dyerminny and be making chocolates. I cood be back home in Germany making chocolates for everywoon (I could be back home in Germany and be making chocolates. I could be back home in Germany making chocolates for everyone)"


  • Even though Mr. Sviggles died on his first day, he has reappeared in other videos, such as the Creepypasta high school gym video.