Mountain Cow
The Mountain Cows are mostly peaceful, but are not afraid to fight the Snarky Tree Pigs to protect the peace.

Venturian is said to have been raised by them until the Treepigs came and killed of his family, on that day he vowed to kill every Treepig he met. He was also told to eat the cows is times of hardship.


The Mountain Cows look like the normal Minecraft cow, unless Venturian applies a texture pack/resource pack.


The mountain cows are a peaceful race and do not interfere with the affairs of Lake Chickens and Tree Pigs unless provoked.

Origins Edit

there was once a cow called Jermey Bob. He wanted to climb a mountain but all the other cows told him that cows can't do that. So he tired it. But he fell off and broke his leg. Years later he tried again and he made it to the top. So many other cows followed in his footstep.